My name is David Lasek (better known as fogine on the internet).
I'm a problem solver, helping businesses grow their products.

I have played major role in development of marketplaces which raised millions in revenue, helped to grow company user base by factor of 10, from hundreds of thousand to millions.
Worked on content sharing and community based platforms.

I write mainly about open-source, back-end systems, linux tooling and interactive graphics (gamedev being one of my hobbies).

When I'm not behind a computer, you can find me in a gym, lagging behind gymnasts and on physiotherapy sessions, fixing different kind of bugs.

Ciao all creative people! I appreciate the work you do. Are you an engineer of any kind, a designer or even a nurse, anyone really - If you love what you do and want to connect with me, you can hit me on Twitter or drop me an email on mail at davidlasek dot eu

Remember to smile :)