How to programmatically get google search results

Recently, I needed a way how to programmatically search on google, while developing a linux applet - rofi-search which allows for interactively searching for top results across multiple search engines.

It's not known much that there is an official Google API you can use for getting the data right now!

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Using GitHub Issues for Blog Comments

In the past, disqus was the solution to go for when you needed a functionality for your static website that would enable people to post comments and ask questions under your posts.

With it's free tier, you would get a package with basic features. It comes with a price though of it being relatively heavy solution.
It's ads supported and increases page weight by factor of 10! Not to mention it lets other applications like Facebook to track your visitors.

So recently when I was in middle of integration of disqus plugin to this blog, I decided to revisit my product of choice and explore other options in nowadays product driven market.

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My working environment

As I spend significant amount of time working with computers, it's important to me to have a desktop environment which does not distract me from work.

Moreover I expect my system environment to help me be more productive and to complement my habits in context of how I interact with the environment.

In this post I'm gonna describe how is my linux installation setup and main tools I use on every day basic for past 6 years and why.
Do not expect configuration tutorial but rather high-level toolset overview.

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Serviser framework - introduction

Is writing and maintaining up to date documentation for your APIs a pain for you?

Do you miss an environment where it is safe to raise exceptions and not to worry about how they will propagate and be processed?

What about having out of the box solution for validating complex input and output data structures without it polluting your domain logic?

These were the main reasons of my motivation to create yet another Node.js web framework (serviser).

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